Montego – Classic Puppy – Large Breed 10kg


Montego – Classic Puppy – Large Breed 10kg

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Made with real meat for biodiversity, the Classic Dry Food range provides everything puppies, adult and senior dogs need in every delicious mouthful.

Classic is Montego Pet Nutrition’s original, flagship range. Over time, as the range has expanded to include nutrition for various breeds and ages, its formulations and production processes have also been refined and perfected. This level of quality, care and pride can be found in each Classic product.

Puppies grow at different rates. Large to giant breed puppies can take as long as two years to reach adulthood, even when growing as much as two kilograms per week. Get the most out of their diet, puppies must eat today for the dogs they will be tomorrow. Classic

Large to Giant Breed’s premium formulation is tailored to provide pups with everything they need to get a great start to a long and healthy life.

Every Classic bite provides the following:

Growth: 26,5% Protein & 11% Fat

Alertness: Natural source of DHA & Taurine

Mobility: Natural source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin


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