Monty & Me Essential Adult Dog Food – 40kg


Monty & Me Essential Adult Dog Food – 40kg

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Monty & Me Essential saves you cash without skimping on quality. We use only the best ingredients and raw materials in Monty & Me Essential to bring your dog an ideally balanced, delightfully satisfying and positively digestible food that’s easy on the wallet.

BENEFITS of Monty & Me Essential:

EASILY DIGESTIBLE: Barley is an easily digestible, slow-burning wholegrain carbohydrate and a natural source of fibre that satisfies Monty for longer.
CONTAINS QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Monty & Me Essential is made with real meat for bioavailability and nutrient absorption.
TAKES CARE OF TEETH: Crunchy kibble assists with oral care, “brushing” teeth to keep them clean and healthy.
CONTAINS ESSENTIAL VITAMINS: With added anti-oxidants for immune support, Monty & Me Essential helps keep Monty’s immune system healthy and strong.
WELL-BALANCED CARE FOR ADULT DOGS: The right balance of protein and fat levels helps to maintain good physical health.
CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS: Monty always looks ready for show-day, thanks to added Omega 6 oil ensuring healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.


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